Jet Skis

Cutting-Edge, High-Performance Jet Skis!
Always offering the latest in high-performance Yamahas!
Not only a great-looking Jet Ski, but a terrific ride!

WaterCraft of the Year!

 SUMMER RENTAL SEASON  (Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend).



  • Yamaha VX Sport
  • 1100 CC Engine
  • Up to 55 MPH
  • 2-Passenger Capacity


  • $150 2 hour rental
  • $225 4 hour rental
  • $300 6 hour rental
  • $350 8 hour rental

Open 7 Days a Week from 9am-7pm. We could make Reservations over the phone. $100 per day, per boat. Reservation Fee is NOT REFUNDABLE. This payment will apply towards your Rental Fee, when completed.